1. A Cable to Cure your Wi-Fi Blackspot Woes?

    ADSL cables have long been the stalwart of high-speed internet connections. The ‘asymmetric digital subscriber line’ itself, is an ingenious method used by broadband providers to allow you to chat away on the telephone while browsing the internet, all at the same time. Long gone, are those old-fashioned pains of having to wait for the dial-up tone to use Internet Explorer.

    Enter the High-Quality Alida Systems 10m ADSL Cable

    Most ADSL cables (the clever means of connecting phone socket to the router) are cheap low quality and readily available.  But, as is often the case nowadays, it is easy to become swamped by inferior products when you search the internet. However, this is where Alida’s product differs from the majority.

    A Solution to a Problem

    Are you tired of your broadband connection slowing down whenever you walk your laptop out of the living room? Or the walls between you and the router causing buffering and streaming issues when watching Netflix?

    Fortunately, at 10-meters in length, this Alida Systems offering enables you to relocate your router. Which in turn can improve the Wi-Fi coverage of your home.

    Say your Wi-Fi signal is weak in the kitchen, but the telephone point is in the hallway… you can now move the router to the kitchen with the help of this quality cable. At a mammoth 10-meters in length, it ensures the all-important: quality of your connection speed.

     Length is no Longer an Issue

    For many their experiences with cables longer than 5-meters are not so good, as most are susceptible to connection speed issues. However, due to the high-quality design and manufacture of this product, it is a cable that bypasses such problems. In fact, there are many reviews which give a clear indication of this.

    Whether you need a big cable for your online gaming needs, or for buffer-free music with applications like iTunes, Alida is the solution. Within seconds of relocating your router, your internet will be ready your home coverage will be improved.

    Premium Quality

    If you’re a premium ADSL cable, the 10m cable is a popular option. It offers high-quality and performance at an affordable price, its features are as follows:


    • Premium quality with gold plated contact pins
    • Provides high-speed Internet broadband
    • It is compatible with any ADSL modem/router and an ISP (Internet Service Provider)
    • It’s hassle-free; easy to open and use
    • It is sold exclusively by Alida Systems and can be purchased quickly and easily from Accessories Delivered or Amazon


    So, although there are a lot of options out there to help you connect to the Internet, you will find that the Alida 10m cable is a popular choice because it’s efficient, cost-effective, and increases your productivity. ADSL cable    Shop for your ADSL Cable Now!

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